From April 26 to 28, the first Grand Bassa Trade and Investment Conference took place in Buchanan, Grand Bassa. Business people had come from more than seven countries to learn about conditions in Liberia and explore possibilities for investing in Grand Bassa.

Cleaning is essential for running and maintaining the solar system:

Especially, in the dry season the solar system operator or manager has to clean the panels once every week! Because, anything that accumulates dirt on them (e.g. dust or pollen), needs to be removed. However, in the rainy season, but only when the rain is very strong, it washes the dirt off the panels as well. That is why you have to clean your Panels less frequently, but still once every month!

On June 1st 2018 the Super Morning radio talk show reported the Gbarzon Health Center in Grand Gedeh County to be “in complete darkness“.  When hearing this, Freeman K. Godu, technical coordinator at GIZ/Energizing Development (EnDev) Project, remembered that in 2013 this very health facility had received a solar system with the capacity of  750 W, installed by the Medical Emergency Relief International (MERLIN). 

From February 26 – March 2, 2018, ENDEV/GIZ will conduct a week-long training for 18 students from the Helog Academy.

The Helog Academy is a vocational theoretical education and apprenticeship school with 60% theoretical lessons and 40% practical courses from highly trained teachers in the area of automobile, heavy machinery and electrical machinery.