Online Course Go Solar PV: The Business Potential of Solar Photovoltaics

This online course looks at solar PV, its potential, challenges, commercial opportunities.It offers you an insight into the global solar power market and its dynamics with support systems, grid integration, national and international legislation. Other topics include mechanics of solar PV installation, development, operation and maintenance, trends in solar PV technology and possible financial models.

InnoEnergy and the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub), a non-profit association, have developed a 7-weeks online course about solar voltaic, offered on the platform. The course can be attended for free during 9 weeks, or with unlimited access and certificate for 89USD. Discover the Photovoltaic business and expand your professional options and this free online course.


PPP Opportunity for Large Businesses in Liberia

Financially strong businesses operating in Liberia who plan a project that meets business interests and development objec­tives can apply for a PPP (Public Private Partnerships)–projects that are jointly planned, financed and implemented by GIZ and private companies. The project should foster decent employment, increase income and or contribute to improved working conditions. The private partner has to contribute at least 50% of the costs, GIZ can contribute especially with technical expertise or marketing, vocational training, local supply chain development, etc.

All information and ways to apply can be found on this fact sheet.


Government provides incentives to businesses for investments in energy and other sectors

Businesses registered in Liberia, planning to invest 500 000USD or more in the next 5 years can apply at the Liberia National Investment Commission to get incentives for their investments. Only businesses from some sectors are eligible, among them the energy sector, tourism, housing, health and others. For setting up (and possibly solar electrifying) a health facility investments of 50 000USD are sufficient.

More information can be found here.


Register with the LEAP Network

The Liberian Energy Access Practitioner (LEAP) network is an association of stakeholders in the renewable energy sector to learn and support each other and create a voice for lobbying.  Members receive interesting information and (business or training) opportunities from Mercy Corps, RREA, GIZ/EnDev and other stakeholders. 

To announce more opportunities or for any inquiries contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Job opportunities and vacancies are posted here.