Promoting Solar Products and Services


The markets for small solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar installation and maintenance services and bigger solar installations or mini-grids are still very small in Liberia. However, there is a big potential and more and more business people and solar professional offer their products and services.

In 2017, current and potential solar off-grid market in Liberia as well as recommendations for strengthening the sector were summarized  the “Liberia Policy and Business Environment Study for the Off-Grid Solar Lighting Sector” from the Power Africa Senior Advisors Group Programme implemented by Tony Blair Institute for Global change. The study can be downloaded here.


In 2016 We Care Solar partnered with the Liberian Ministry of Health and non-governmental organisations to spearhead a country-wide initiative called Light Every Birth.

The aim of the Light Every Birth initiative is to improve the functioning of energy-poor facilities providing obstetric care, to demonstrate the impact of sustainable energy on maternal and newborn health; and to advocate the fundamental rights for all mothers to deliver with sufficient lighting.


The Initiative Skip the Grid is focused on West Africa. Their aim is to bring solar power and other critical infrastructure to health care systems. The initiative is a division of the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREA) and funded by donations.


The World Bank and ECREEE have designed the Regional Off-Grid Electrification Project (ROGEP) to increase access to sustainable electricity services in the ECOWAS region and 4 Sahel countries for household, commercial enterprises and public facilities.