• A new type of solar dryers has been introduced to Liberia, using bamboo instead of wood. From April 18 through April 20, 2018, solar dryer specialist Saiwoe Y. Varpilah, rattan Specialist Edward N. Borsay  and EnDev-Liberia staff : T. Jeke S. Fassuwu, Joseph Forte, Charles Ellis and Daniel Y. Partee have built two different models of solar dryers at the EnDev office in Congo Town: a Table and house or tank dryers with measurement 2m x 4m and 2m x 3m respectively. Anyone interested is invited to come and test use these dryers for agricultural produce.

  • On the 17th of January, various renewable energy stakeholders have met in Monrovia to validate and refine recommendations from the Liberia Policy and Business Environment Study for The Off-Grid Solar Lighting Sector.

  • Kekehs (also called auto rickshaws or tuk-tuks) are common three-wheel vehicles on the roads in many Liberian cities and towns.

  • In June 2017, five remote communities in Lofa receive a solar power plant and mini-grids as part of the project "Light Up Our Futures," funded by the EU and implemented by PLAN International and VOSIEDA, with technical support of GIZ/EnDev.

  • In two office buildings in Monrovia, the Deutsche Gesellschaf fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) projects enjoy solar electricity without interruptions. While Energizing Development (EnDev) project has been using solar power since May 2015, GIZ health projects have started in April 2018.

    As GIZ staff in this video explain, using solar energy has various advantages.  It is not only friendly for the environment, saving CO2 emissions, it is also nice for the employees who don’t hear noise of a generator or smell the unhealthy smoke. Also, it can also save money on the long run.

  • Cleaning is essential for running and maintaining the solar system:

    Especially, in the dry season the solar system operator or manager has to clean the panels once every week! Because, anything that accumulates dirt on them (e.g. dust or pollen), needs to be removed. However, in the rainy season, but only when the rain is very strong, it washes the dirt off the panels as well. That is why you have to clean your Panels less frequently, but still once every month!

  • On June 1st 2018 the Super Morning radio talk show reported the Gbarzon Health Center in Grand Gedeh County to be “in complete darkness“.  When hearing this, Freeman K. Godu, technical coordinator at GIZ/Energizing Development (EnDev) Project, remembered that in 2013 this very health facility had received a solar system with the capacity of  750 W, installed by the Medical Emergency Relief International (MERLIN). 

  • From last year to present, four Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) institutions (BWI, Tubman High, Stella Maris, NVTC) have piloted a 3 months Solar PV curriculum, developed within the EU funded Light Up Liberia program.

  • Participants of the LEAP Launch

    On December 2nd, 2016 the Liberian Energy Access Practitioner Network (LEAP) was officially launched. The LEAP Launch has been organized by Mercy Corps as part of their EU project, "Light Up Liberia."

  • PAYNESVILLE, Montserrado – Mercy Corps has graduated 169 students from its Light Up Liberia program in collaboration with GIZ EnDev, a four-month technical and vocational training program in renewable energies. These 169 students comprise of students from the Monrovia vocational training center, Booker Washington Institute, and Stella Maris Polytechnic which is apart of the four TVETS for the pilot phase of the curriculum development component of  Light up Liberia.


    The 18th of July 2018 marks the 100th birthday anniversary of Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa.  Mandela spent 27 of his formative years in prison for engaging in the quest for equality and freedom through peaceful means.  He served as an example for the whole world to overcome injustice and hatred.

    The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa on this day dedicated a solar system to light up the Great Commission Orphanage in Gardnesville.

  • Since April 2017 Josephine Kantan works as solar operator at Phebe Hospital in Bong county, Liberia. She also continues to be in charge of the Diesel generator there.  Josephine Kantan visited the recent EnDev workshop series for solar experts at the GIZ Health Project in Congo Town from the 27.03.2018-29.03.2018. The Renewables-Liberia Team used the opportunity to do an interview with her as she is one of a few women working in the power sector of Liberia.

  • On November 23, 2018, West Coast Energy was the first private sector company that hosted the Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia (IFREL).

  • In rural Liberia, students struggle to prepare for their examinations without access to electricity after sunset. Yocel, an educational youth organization, collaborated with GIZ/EnDev to inform around 600 students about solar energy and solar lamps. The partnership then established a system that would allow 9th graders and 12th graders to borrow solar lamps.