The Rally Town hospital is in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County, Liberia. The laboratory received more than 100-150 patients on a daily average. Electricity has been one of the biggest challenged at the laboratory, most of the test that was to be conducted at the laboratory was transferred to Barclayville hospital, the capital of Grand Kru County.

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ACE TAF is at the forefront of promoting the use of stand-alone solar as a cost-effective way to provide clean energy to millions of households across Africa that do not have access. Many of these households are also low income or vulnerable.

To ensure that the products that reach them are good quality and durable, ACE TAF is working with governments, development partners and the private sector for the adoption of quality standards across sub-Saharan Africa, and that countries have the capacity to enforce quality verification processes to safeguard consumers.  ACE TAF is championing the adoption of the recently launched International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards which define the quality and durability specifications of solar products as well as requirements for truth in advertising.

Working with our strategic partners IFC Lighting Global, ACE TAF has developed a video which demonstrates the burden of sub-standard solar products on consumers in Africa. This video “Lighting Mumbi's Dream - The Burden of Poor Quality Solar Products”  is a tool to create awareness and to promote the sale of only good quality solar products on the continent. Help us spread the word on how we all can play a role in improving access to affordable solar solutions. Watch and share widely among other industry stakeholders.

Watch the video here:

Every six months, GOGLA and The World Bank Group's Lighting Global program publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market intelligence series on sales and impact of off-grid solar lighting products, sold by GOGLA and Lighting Global affiliates. Since H2 2018, the report also includes sales numbers of off-grid appliances, in partnership with the Efficiency for Access Coalition.

January - June 2020 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report

  • The off-grid solar sector is playing an essential role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Solar home systems and efficient appliances are keeping the lights on in health centers, powering local businesses and helping families stay connected and informed.