Hydropower Projects


Within the LESSP project, USAID funded to explore the Wayavah Falls in Lofa for a 15kW system, and the Mein River in Suakoko, Bong for a 500 households and 250 commercial customers systems.

In Yandohun, Kolahun district, Lofa, a 60 kW hydropower plant was rehabilitated starting in 2011 through funding from the World Bank’s Africa Renewable Energy Access Program. Since 2013, around 1,020 persons in more than 149 households benefit from water-powered electricity. Before the wars, there had been a 30 kW hydropower plant with an isolated grid that was successfully operated and managed by the Yandohun community in the 1980s.


The Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant is located approximately 27 km northeast of Monrovia in Montserrado County, Liberia.  It had been destroyed during the wars and is now to be rehabilitated, funded by the USA, Norway, Germany and Liberia.

The first component of the Liberia Renewable Energy Access Project (LIRENAP) aims to create access to affordable, reliable, year-round electricity services to at about 50,000 people in North Lofa County by establishing a first mega-watt scale hydropower grid backed up with thermal generation based on diesel. The estimated costs are US$22 million, of which the World Bank within SREP provides US$20 million and IDA gives US$2 million for the Diesel back-up system. The Rural Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) implements the project.

Several feasibility studies have been conducted to explore locations for hydropower within the last years.

UNIDO explored St. John Rier, Gampa waterfalls at Garr Bain district in Nimba county for a 10MW multipurpose mini-hydro infrastructure with lad centers in Ganta, Sanniquellie, Yluzee town, Gbedein village, Kapawleh-Snoh village. After the technical Pre- Feasibility Analysis was Completed, the project was put on hold due to lack of capacity to implement the project.

The rubber producing Firestone Plantations Company in Harbel, Margibi County, operates a hydropower plant for providing electricity to their operations and around 60, 000 persons. Built in 1942, the dam on the Farmington River was the first power generating dam in the country.

The four turbines have a capacity of 4800kWp, with an annual output of 1.6x103 kilowatts (138 hp) hours. The dam is 150m long. The original material had been imported from the USA. A 3 Megawatt Diesel power plant complements the electricity production.