The Liberia Accelerated Electricity Expansion Project (LACEEP) has three main objectives:

  1. increase access to electricity
  2. strengthen institutional capacity in the electricity sector
  3. support governmental transition processes and institutional capacity building

The project aim is to facilitate the supply of electricity to 18 communities in three counties in Liberia from Cote d'Ivoire, benefitting a large target group including domestic customers, health centres, schools, police stations, different commercial activities and industries. The project carries out the preparatory activities in collaboration with national utilities and undertakes the construction of sub-transmission lines, distribution lines, transformer substations and service connections.


Using technical assistance under CEADIR, the USAID/West Africa Regional Missions aims to expand the use of clean energy (CE), assess the CE markets and the readiness and capacity of financial institutions (FIs) to enter CE markets.The USAID Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment, and Resilience (CEADIR) Activity aims to make the business and economic case for investing in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Small renewable energy power plants with mini-grids are an attractive possibility for electrification, especially in rural areas, as the main grid in Liberia does not reach far.