On February 5, 2019, delegates from Last Mile Health, Mr. Tom Brockes, Shadrach Yancy and Rachel Larson visited GIZ/EnDev office to seek an advice for solar energy and electric vehicles (motorbikes or e-bikes).

They plan to purchase bikes and establish charging stations so that community health workers will use solar energy to get to remote communities in Grand Gedeh, Grand Bassa, and River Cess.


Last Mile Health was founded by survivors of Liberia’s civil War and American health workers to strengthen health services within remote communities. Last Mile Health manage networks of community health workers in three counties where they are about to get solar electrification for their offices. In addition, they support the Ministry of Health in their nationwide community health assistance program for communities.


Powering bikes with the energy of the sun will save a lot of fuel money and CO2 emissions. The Ministry of Health might be interested in scaling this approach for the whole country to save money on fuel.