A solar manufacturer company named Fosera has introduced in Liberia the Suncharger solar battery charging station.

The charging station is designed for existing shop owners to supplement their income by renting rechargeable AA and D size batteries that can run between 3 to 7 days depending on the usage. The system can also change several phones during the day and at night time. It comes with two lightbulbs so that the shop can stay open longer at night. 

Many customers use single use cheap batteries for small lamps, flashlights and radios. These cheap batteries are then disposed in the environment where they can poison the soil, drinking water as well as animals and children. By using rechargeable solar charged batteries, customers can save money because they are cheaper to rent and the environment can become less polluted. Customers can then return the batteries after use and rent another set of batteries as necessary. 


In Liberia so far 10 of these systems have been installed around the Todee district. In some communities, shop owners reported charging 20 phones in one day - a much-needed service in rural areas.