SJEDI Green Energy has launched an Improve Cook Stove in December, currently SJEDI is known to be one of the main distributors of improved cookstoves in Liberia with tremendous support from GIZ/EnDev in 2013.

Through SJEDI, over 6,000 CH-2200/2300 charcoal and G3300 wood cook stoves have been sold in Liberia as well as over 300 Solar Lighting Systems, ranging from Pico PV to SHS in the past years. On the 18th of December 2018, Randell street was the most talked about place in Central Monrovia because of the sales of improved cookstoves and the gathering of stove users from all around Liberia to grace the launching ceremony. During the program, the price of improved cookstove was reduced from 1 for 35.00USD to 2 for 25.00USD that is now considered to be the actual price on the Liberian market.

One of the salesmen by the name of Prince was asked; why is it the price drop from 1 for 35.00USD to 2 for 25.00USD? He said this was done for everyone to be able to purchase and enjoy the convince of the improve cook stove.  One of the improve cook stove user, Sis. Annie Wreh, was asked; why is it that she's so exacted to get the improve cook stove?

She responded, from the day one of the sales, people of SJEDI GREEN ENERGY explained about the improve cook stove to her, she fell in love with it and she started saving to get one for her house. So, today is therefore an opportunity to see it 2 for 25USD.

Another customer name Ma. Famata came rushing to get four (4) of the improve cook stove, when she was asked what are you going to do with four improve cook stove? She said, two is for her sister Ma. Fatta and the other two are going to be used by herself. Another other question was asked; what does she like about the improve cook stove? She said that it burned less charcoal and less heat while cooking.

The launch ceremony on the reduced price was a success in 2018 and the market is now growing.