Promoting Solar Products and Services

In rural Liberia, students struggle to prepare for their examinations without access to electricity after sunset. Yocel, an educational youth organization, collaborated with GIZ/EnDev to inform around 600 students about solar energy and solar lamps. The partnership then established a system that would allow 9th graders and 12th graders to borrow solar lamps.

To showcase the potential of solar technology, GIZ/EnDev has equipped a car with solar panels, a projector, a popcorn machine and a freezer. During the day, the panels on the car provide energy for the freezer and the popcorn machine. At night, educational and entertaining movies can be shown while solar lamps on the car allow visitors to read the information displayed on the vehicle.

GIZ/EnDev Liberia is involved in providing energy access support for three key sectors in Liberia: Energy, Health and Education. To strengthen the energy sector, EnDev trains electricians and students in solar technology. For clinics and schools in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Endev has provided and installed forsera solar systems as part of the Post Ebola Support. Also, in collaboration with We Care Solar, EnDev technicians install solar suitcases in maternity wards. More and more, EnDev focuses on establishing a sustainable monitoring, maintenance and repair system for solar installations in public facilities.

Since 2013, EnDev is active in promoting a market for solar lamps in Liberia. Collaborating with the government agency RREA, EnDev works towards empowering retailers (who have the capital to buy a substantial quantity of lamps) and sales agents (who have almost no capital and get lamps from retailers). EnDev also works to improve marketing and sales strategies, and share knowledge, skills and expertise to enhance solar retailing and repairing.