Energising Development (EnDev) is an Energy access partnership financed by the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Sweden, and implemented in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America by the Netherlands Agency and of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The aim is to promote sustainable access to modern energy services that meet the needs of the poor - long lasting, affordable, and appreciated by users.  The monitoring and evaluation of all activities is very strict to ensure high quality and efficiency. Since 2005, EnDev has taken a leading role at promoting access to Sustainable Energy for All, and promotes information at www.energypedia.info.

EnDev Liberia

Since 2012, GIZ/EnDev Liberia focuses on strengthening the renewable energy sector in Liberia, bringing in technical expertise for information and knowledge exchange, trainings (Installation, lamp repair, stove construction….), networking. Since 2014, EnDev is also active in Sierra Leone and with few activities in Guinea.

EnDev Liberia aims to ensure sustainable and affordable access to renewable energy all over Liberia. This is done by strengthening markets and collaborating with various partners from public and private sector as well as NGOs in four focus areas.

Quality and sustainability in solar installations

Installations of solar home systems or larger systems for public facilities or communities are a key to energy access in rural Liberia. As part of the Ebola support and in collaboration with other projects, EnDev has been involved in installing solar systems in health facilities and schools in various facilities in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Other activities to promote solar installations are establishing a repair hotline, trainings for solar technicians, pioneering solar installations for offices and gas stations, developing an app for solar system registration, monitoring and repair.

Sustainable markets for Pico PV products

Pico Photovolatic (PV) systems are solar lanterns and other small devices such as radio and phone chargers, that can provide some basic electricity in rural Liberia. In collaboration with RREA and Mercy Corps, EnDev works towards strengthening retailers and building markets for such small solar products, e.g. by getting involved in road shows and energy fairs.

The EnDev solar promotion car uses solar panels for producing popcorn, music, showing movies and informing about solar and solar products, supporting retailers in promotional activities.

Collaborating with small NGOs, EnDev empowers small businesses to start selling solar products. Also, quality tests of solar lamps and trainings for repairing the products help to keep the quality high.

Read more about EnDev activities promoting Pico PV products.

Solar dryers for cocoa farmers

Using the heating energy of the sun for drying agricultural products, such as cocoa, can increase productivity and income of farmers. GIZ/EnDev introduced a solar dryer that is easy to build and handle, supported construction of more than 270 dryers and trained over 120 farmers in maintenance.

In collaboration with others in the cocoa sector, GIZ/EnDev works towards information sharing as well as robust and efficient solar dryers. 

Read more.

Promoting improved cook stoves

Most households in Liberia use firewood or charcoal for cooking. EnDev introduced various improved cook stoves that use less fuel, produce less smoke and shorten cooking time.

The Red Fire Pot was developed for Liberia, local metal workers were trained to produce it. EnDev still supports production, marketing and sales towards establishing a market for it.

EnDev also tests and works towards improving other stoves, for instance institutional fire wood stoves that can be used for school feeding or cooking for larger groups. Read more about EnDev activities for improved cook stoves.

Renewable Energy Capacity building

A key field of activities for EnDev Liberia is to share technical expertise to build capacities for sustainable renewable energy use. The trainings and workshops are demand-driven and tailored to the needs of the target group. Examples of trainings include:

  • Basic solar technology, how to repair solar lamps
  • Solar installation training, combining theory and practice including installations of solar home systems (Forsera, 600WP, SMA)
  • Solar home system maintenance training
  • Curriculum development towards establishing the profession of solar technicians, collaborating with NGOs and vocational schools
  • Advanced solar technology trainings, professional exchange including
  • Trainings for trainers to build improved cook stoves
  • Maintenance and repair of solar dryers

Read more about some recent trainings: improved cook stoves, SMA solar system, hands-on solar system installation training.

IT solutions for Renewable Energy sector

EnDev Mano River promotes digital information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to enhance the renewable energy sector. This includes a sophisticated app, a mapping tool and the web portal www.renewables-liberia.info. A similar website for Sierra Leone is under construction.

EnDev Liberia team and office

The GIZ/EnDev office, located at the back road, oldest Congo Town, Monrovia is fully powered by solar systems without any back-up. The office hosts an exhibition of solar product and improved cook stoves. Visitors are welcome.