Electrification of health centers and schools

Assist organisations or individuals to install and operate solar systems

Focus on a system for surveillance, maintenance and repair
Energy efficient cook stoves

Train and empower local stove producers

Improve marketing and sales activities and make products more visible
Training and Knowledge

Increase knowledge, skills and synergies

Share information to improve services for renewable technologies
Data Intelligence

Use information systems, maps and user friendly applications

Optimize operational performance, strategic investments and everyday decisions
Private businesses in the renewable energy sector are asked to submit their proposals until 19.11.2018

The overall aim of the project is to develop the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency into an effective and efficient organisation with the capability to implement and fulfill its important mandate. A pilot program of solar rural electrification will demonstrate those governance structures, and is expected to electrify 1,500 households in rural areas.

Importantly, the strategy document and Master Plan will be used to garner and guide further financial and technical support of Liberia’s energy sector from donors, the private sector, and partner governments.


RREA – Rural and Renewable Energy Agency

Donors and budget    

EU (1,284,522Euro), total budget planned: 2,025,000 Euro

Start and end date   

August 2011 to April 2016


The overall objective is to develop the newly established Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) into a strong, independent, efficient, and sustainable organisation capable of achieving Liberia’s target of increasing access to modern energy services in the rural areas.

  1. Governance to arrive at a strategic and transparent approach, adequate routines, and fully vetted documents and plans for RREA’s work, having the Masterplan as  
  2. Increased access to modern energy services in off-grid areas: pilot Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP) project alongside the World Bank’s SSMP pilot project to increase access to sustainable electricity
  3. Building the RREA’s capacity and ability to implement the rural energy strategy and master plan for Liberia.  

Results and Impact

The Rural Energy Master Plan was launched by the newly established Rural Renewable Energy Agency. It can be found

16492 solar products were provided to retailers for sale and 42.72 kWp were installed through 9 stand-alone solar systems and 9 street lights in Zorzor district.

32 local retailers have received business support to distribute and market solar lighting project.

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