Electrification of health centers and schools

Assist organisations or individuals to install and operate solar systems

Focus on a system for surveillance, maintenance and repair
Energy efficient cook stoves

Train and empower local stove producers

Improve marketing and sales activities and make products more visible
Training and Knowledge

Increase knowledge, skills and synergies

Share information to improve services for renewable technologies
Data Intelligence

Use information systems, maps and user friendly applications

Optimize operational performance, strategic investments and everyday decisions
Private businesses in the renewable energy sector are asked to submit their proposals until 19.11.2018

The project aimed to support the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia in increasing access to reliable health care in rural and peri-urban health facilities in Liberia through providing modern, affordable and sustainable energy sources to the facilities. The project will establish a database of all rural and peri-urban health clinics energy needs; install solar PV in rural and peri-urban health clinics; capacity building of all stakeholders in Solar PV technology; establish a solar maintenance unit; and raise community awareness.


Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) ; Save the Children (last 8 months);

Donors and budget    

EU ( 1,489,866 Euro); total planned budget 2,000,000

Start and end date   

August 2011 to September 2014


  1. Access to round the clock health care services in rural and peri-urban communities through providing sustainable energy sources at the health facilities;
  2. capacity building of key health staff and communities to ensure sustainability of the project;
  3. To establish a solar energy maintenance unit at the MOH&SW to support facilities in equipment maintenance.

Geographic coverage    

In all counties of Liberia

Target groups

Rural and peri-urban communities and their health facilities


Results and Impact

204 health facilities have received PV systems and 1215 local people have been trained in the PV maintenance. The PV-electrification has improved the quality of the offered. Sustainability has been integral in the design by a central maintenance unit but as the Ministry of Health could not fund the unit GIZ committed to temporary run the unit.

What We Do


EnDev develops ICT tools to strengthen the renewable energy sector. This includes the Smartphone App EnDev Collect that can be used for data collection , registering, monitoring and maintaining solar systems, a mapping tool to archive, analyse, visualise and map information. The renewables website serve is available to connect, cooperate and share information to achieve better synergy in the sector

Outreach, Marketing and Awareness

Various outreach events, road shows and other promotional activities are supported by EnDev. The solar promotion car uses solar panels to show movies, play music and make popcorn and to inform the public about renewable energy and high quality solar products and efficient cook stoves.

Renewables Capacity Development

To build capacities, EnDev provides trainings and workshops, demand-driven and tailored to the needs of the target group. Examples of trainings include basic solar technology, repair of solar lanterns,curriculum development, advanced solar technology, trainings in the field of improved cook stoves and solar dryers.

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Solar Installers and Technicians

  • Ehimezie Edom Ehimezie Edom Renewable Energy Engineer (Electrician) He work at the West Africa Renewable Energy Biomass. Mr. Edom is willing to learn more about renewable energies from any institution.
  • Annie Jangbah, Installer and Sale Agent at Sun-Star Green Energy Annie Jangbah is an Installer and Sale Agent at Sun-Star Green Energy and a trained solar technician .
  • Siamue M. Qualah, Intern at GIZ/EnDev Siamue M. Qualah is a intern at GIZ/EnDev and also trained in the installation of We Care Solar suitcase.
  • Hellen T. Yudu-sie, Solar and Satellite Installer at EcoPower Liberia Hellen T. Yudu-sie Solar and Satellite Installer at EcoPower Liberia.
  • Elizabeth M. Montgomery, Independent Installer Elizabeth M. Montgomery is an Independent Installer and a trained We Care Solar Suitcase installer.
  • Catherine T. Teah, Intern at Lifi-Led Inc Catherine T. Teah is a Intern at Lifi-Led Inc. She also a trained We Care Solar suitcase installer.
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