Bioenergy and Improved Cook stoves
Some projects use biomass to produce electricity in Liberia. Other activities focus on supplying and marketing improved cook stoves that use less charcoal or wood than others.

Sorlumba, Lapaloe Tembio community, and a neighboring community in Foya district, Lofa county can now lighten their houses with electricity generated by palm oil. Altogether, 205 houses in three communities can receive electricity. The USAID funded project Sorlumba Community Biomass Electricity Pilot Project was started in 2013 by Winrock and is now operated by ARICA.

Three KWA 25 biomass generators will be operating for 24 hours (switching from one to another after 12 hours; the third one being on reserve). The generators were produced in India and tested with Liberian palm oil. There are 25 staff members on local management teams of all three areas that attended a 10-day workshop about operation, finance etc. The main challenge is that community members are not willing or able to pay for the electricity.