Bioenergy and Improved Cook stoves
Some projects use biomass to produce electricity in Liberia. Other activities focus on supplying and marketing improved cook stoves that use less charcoal or wood than others.

As a contribution of the Region to the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative, the Ministers of Energy adopted the ECOWAS Bioenergy Strategy framework in October 2012 with a special focus on the promotion of modern bioenergy. The ECOWAS Bioenergy strategy is consistent with the Africa Bioenergy Policy Framework and Guidelines.

The policy seeks to promote a modern, sustainable and vibrant bioenergy sector in West Africa by creating an enabling environment that can unlock the potential by removing the institutional, legal, financial, social, environmental and capacity gaps and barriers. It is aimed at addressing the needs and constraints of the governments, the private sector and the local communities in using existing resources including household, agricultural and industrial processing wastes and residues.

The objective of the Bioenergy Policy is to encourage the utilization of the Bioenergy resources to provide sustainable energy access to its population prior to any attempt to export the resources. All ECOWAS Members States should develop National Bioenergy Policies derived from the Regional policy by the end of 2018. It is also planned to develop and regularly update investment guidelines and supporting informational documents about the local bioenergy potential and situation.

An overview of the situation for bioenergy in West Africa can be found here.