In 18 communities in the Buu – Yao Administrative District, schools received solar systems for lights provided by the Energising Development Program (EnDev-Liberia) implemented through the German Development Cooperation GIZ. Many of the local farmers working in the cocoa sector do not know how to read or write. They had shown their strong interest in the literacy program that had first received mobile solar lamps.

Upon the installation, GIZ technicians conducted a brief training for the end users on how to use and maintain the solar lights. Gaijouhn Gayebuah of GIZ said, “There is no light greater than the daylight, so we want to keep the lights off during the day.”

Every installation carries eight solar bulbs used for lighting only. Despite their happiness, several beneficiaries expressed various expectations, like the possibility to use AC power for other appliances, such as fridges to cool medicine, or the possibility to charge cell phones.

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