EnDev staff installs jointly with Barefoot Women 

In October 2015 EnDev conducted installation at 22 sites with renewable appliances in the form of fosera, Dulas fridges and 600-watt peak solar system at the Barefoot Women College and the Playhouse Foundation in Sierra Leone.

Most interestingly, the EnDev staffs were supported by two technicians (all men) from the Barefoot Women College and four technicians plus one MP (three military technicians and surveillance).  Later, Barefoot women were trained by EnDev staff and they have become an integral part of the installation process.

Up to present, EnDev Liberia has donated and installed 21 600wp systems, 125 9800 Fosera, 125 4200 Fosera, 28 Vaccine Fridges and distributed 1,500 Waka-Waka lights to various institutions in and around Sierra Leone.


Barefoot women actively involved in the installation of 600-watt peak solar system