Alternative Energy has been assigned  to install several solar installations by Mercy Corps for a EU funded project. The project started in early 2018 and finished in June of this year. 

In total Alternative Energy installed solar panels in more than 80 private homes in four villages in rural Montserrado   (Isaac Mulbal town, Back Camp, Block Pad and Cattoes town) . 

Each village benefitted from a 12 kw or 24kw solar system, depending on the size of the village. The installed systems cost each houshold 5 US Dollars per month and follow the pay as you go system. 

Christina Nyemah, administrator  from Alternative Energy,  was part of the implementation since the beginning and witnessed the benefits of the installed systems. “So far a great number of people in rural areas have benefitted from the instillation, in fact in many cases it was the first time that people had reliable electricity and people are expressing their interest through seeing other household being electrified by solar energy. We are working now on an extension of the program and to even get cheaper options to increase our possibilities.” 

Alternative Energy is a private company, that started operating in 2005 and provides quality solar mini grid, solar diesel hybrid system, and solar home system services, including instillations to governmental institutions, non -  governmental organizations, individuals and businesses. 

So far Alternative Energy distributed over 3,750 solar home systems to individuals and solar power installations totalled 417.3 kw in Liberia and is hoping to extend and continue its activity to provide clean energy solutions and contribute in the fight against global warming.