In April 2018 EnDev/GIZ will install 100 new solar suitcases in health facilities in Liberia for the Ministry of Health. The solar suitcases are portable power units developed from We Care Solar for the health sector to improve the working conditions for the staff and the quality of the health care (lightening births and surgical procedures, etc.).

The suitcase consists of a 12 amp-hour lithium ferrous phosphate battery, a 15A charge controller, phone charger, and two chargeable headlamps. In distinction to the solar suitcase on the picture, the 100 new suitcases do not have an integrated solar Panel. Each suitcase will be installed together with a 125 Watt solar panel which is bigger than the 40 to max. 80 Watt Panels which is normally integrated in the suitcase. Furthermore EnDev/GIZ will mount the systems permanently in the health facility.

Source: We Care Solar
entered: 20.03.2018


In the beginning of February EnDev/GIZ received the solar suitcases and in the beginning of April the solar Panels will come. The ministry of health in cooperation with We Care Solar are currently selecting the health facilities who will benefit from the new Solar suitcases.
For further information about solar suitcases check out the website of We Care solar.