Paynesville, 15.11.2018 - African Energy finished a two day training for solar dealers and installers in the Outreach Compound in Paynesville. One of the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy industry partnered with West Coast Energy and Energising Development (EnDev) to conduct a two day renewable energy training. Over 60 solar installers and dealers participated. 

Several resources were given to them to have an overview of the current available products. The participants learnt techniques in planning, sizing, installing and system monitoring. After the two day training, participants were tested through a written exam and received certification based on the exam results.

West Coast Energy, a leader in the renewable energy industry in Liberia, is also the official partner of African Energy. They discussed their depot and official pricing for components. Dealers and installers were directed to their new depot facility opposite the Jamaica resort on the Robert's field highway road. 

EnDev, which co-hosted the event, also presented their installation monitoring app and digital platform to the participants and encouraged dealers and installers to use their digital marketing platform to promote their businesses and services. EnDev is doing trainings, assesments and installations and also stakeholder engagement in the renewable energy sector.