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Save the Children

save the children
Save the Children saves children’s lives, fights for their rights and helps them fulfill their potentials. We started work in Liberia in 1991 with an emergency program focusing on the immediate needs of children affected by the conflict. Save the Children currently operates in eight counties across Liberia and works in education, health and child protection, child rights governance and response to humanitarian emergencies.

Our key donors are the USAID, EU, UNHCR, UNICEF, SC UK, SC Netherlands, SC Korea, SC Norway, DFID, DCR and GSK.

Save the Children is committed to keeping children safe from abuse and harm. In Liberia, Save the Children is a leading International NGO working with other local and international partners, as well as the Liberian Government, to improve the welfare of children and make Liberia a safe place for them.
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Save the Children
Coconut Plantation, UN Drive, Mamba Point


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