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We Care Solar

We Care Solar addresses a critical aspect of global maternal and child health care: reliable electricity to support essential lighting, communication, and medical services to save lives. By designing and distributing simple and reliable solar electric systems in low-resource settings, We Care Solar supports health workers and facilitates timely and efficient emergency obstetric health care for mothers and newborns. To date, We Care Solar has equipped 2,400 health facilities with its innovative Solar Suitcases, supporting many thousands of health workers as they care for hundreds of thousands of woman and babies. Our medical LED lights have replaced candles, kerosene lanterns, flashlights, and cell¬phone lights, making health care noticeably safer and more efficient. And each Solar Suitcase comes equipped with a phone charger and fetal heart rate monitor. With the Solar Suitcases, midwives and doctors can provide around-the-clock lifesaving care, such as conducting deliveries, diagnosing obstetric complications, detecting fetal distress, arranging timely referrals, suturing lacerations, resuscitating babies, and conducting Caesarean sections.

The Solar Suitcase was designed to be safe, rugged, simple-to-use, and able to be installed more easily than traditional solar electric systems. Our “Train the Trainer” programs ensure that our technology is installed properly, used appropriately and easily maintained by local health staff. To scale impact, we partner with health ministries, local and international NGOs, aid agencies and solar energy providers to deploy the Solar Suitcases to remote health centers. We work in partnership with organizations that strengthen maternal health care and build local capacity in solar electricity.

By creating a rugged technology, developing a robust training program, and by partnering with maternal health care and solar agencies, We Care Solar has demonstrated that providing basic lighting and electricity to all remote health care settings is feasible, cost¬-effective and impactful. In addition to demonstrating effective on¬-the¬-ground programs, We Care Solar is working to ensure that reliable electricity for health care is on the global health and sustainable energy agendas. We have been engaging policy makers and influencers, partnering with the World Health Organization, UN Foundation, and UN Women. We Care Solar won the first United Nations “Powering the Future We Want – Recognizing Innovative Practices in Energy for Sustainable Development” award in 2015. The award was issued by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and signaled the convergence of efforts around global health, renewable energy and sustainable development. It was awarded on the eve of the UN’s historic adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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