The project aim is to facilitate the supply of electricity to 18 communities in three counties in Liberia from Cote d'Ivoire, benefitting a large target group including domestic customers, health centres, schools, police stations, different commercial activities and industries. The project carries out the preparatory activities in collaboration with national utilities and undertakes the construction of sub-transmission lines, distribution lines, transformer substations and service connections.

Other related activities include line route studies, preparation of tender documents, launching of tenders, evaluation, award of turnkey works contracts, testing and commissioning.


West African Power Pool

Donors and budget    

EU (4,825,000 Euro). Total budget 9,650,000 Euro

Start and end date   

01-01-2008 to 05-12-2015


Improving quality of life and socio-economic by providing access to electricity supply as a catalyst for wealth creation and poverty alleviation.

  1. Facilitate the construction of cross-border (MV) interconnections from Cote d’Ivoire to 18 towns in Liberia
  2. Provide access to electricity for up to 130,000 persons living in the project area (later revised to 28,000).

Geographic coverage    

Maryland, Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties in Liberia