Several feasibility studies have been conducted to explore locations for hydropower within the last years.

UNIDO explored St. John Rier, Gampa waterfalls at Garr Bain district in Nimba county for a 10MW multipurpose mini-hydro infrastructure with lad centers in Ganta, Sanniquellie, Yluzee town, Gbedein village, Kapawleh-Snoh village. After the technical Pre- Feasibility Analysis was Completed, the project was put on hold due to lack of capacity to implement the project.

Putu Iron Ore Mining Inc. had done a feasibility study for the Cavalla upstream of Tiboto, but the project idea was dropped because the Cavalla is the international border between Liberia and the Ivory Coast; any hydro development on the Cavalla would require international agreements between governments which might need time and resources to prepare and negotiate.

Another feasibility study for Hummingbird in 2012 found an appropriate site at the Timbo River at Mouth Site close to Greenville, Sinoe County. The development was estimated to last around 4 years.

Within the LESSP project, USAID funded to explore the Wayavah Falls in Lofa for a 15kW system, and the Mein River in Suakoko, Bong for a 500 households and 250 commercial customers systems. While the project at the Wayavah Falls was given up to fund solar electrification of a community (Gbarnway) instead, the project in Suakoko was planned to be implemented with the estimated startup date of July 2015, but could not be completed within the project timeframe. The follow-up project is now planning to implement it.