UNCC covered the solar installations conducted by We Care Solar. We Care Solar installs Solar Suitcases that can also build the resilience of healthcare systems, thus improving the economic productivity of medical staff. 

The Liberian newspaper covered the historic inauguration of LEAP the first association of private businesses in the renewable energy sector. LEAP stands for "Liberian Electricity Access Practisioners" and is a member of Renewables Liberia. 

If you have seen any information on the renewable energy sector of Liberia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together we will make sure, that the renewable sector will thrive. 

The online newspaper "The Bushchicken" covered the graduation by Mercy Corps´programme "Light up Liberia." 21 students celebrated the end of their basic solar training. Present were also EnDev (Energizing Development) Liberia and RREA (Rural and Renewable Energy Agency).