In Bopulu and other towns and villages of Gbarpolu county, people have started to use solar power to bring light to their homes and businesses. James S. Togbah has a little shop in Bopulu and is an agent for Lib Solar. In March 2020, Lib Solar came to Gbarpolu, did an advertisement for solar products, and brought some Pico PV products from d. light.

The African Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) is excited to launch a US$1.2 million Innovation Fund.

The fund aims to unlock innovations that accelerate access to clean cooking and productive use of energy solutions in seven African Countries; Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

As a key player in Africa’s Renewable Energy sector, we would like to invite you to a webinar on Thursday, 18th March from 2:00 – 3:30 pm EAT where we shall officially launch the fund and the call for applications.

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We look forward to having you join our session.

The EU and AFD are launching the Digital Energy Challenge, which will run for four years with an annual Call for Projects. The objective of the Challenge is to support the development of innovative solutions for energy access, the integration of renewable energy, and utility performance improvement.

There is a difference between speaking about battery storage from a theoretical perspective and actually considering commercially available realistic options available to your project today. This webinar focuses on exploring the best solutions today; considering the technological, financial and durability limitations offered by the different manufacturers.

PV PPA prices have dramatically decreased over the past few months. This new competitive edge strengthens PV´s position as a generator in the future. However, as more renewable energy is integrated in the grid, an increasing number of tenders are calling for an energy storage option.

  • Review all energy storage options that fit within the needs and constraints of PV projects and that are available at scale
  • Understand the characteristics and trade-offs of each of the technology options, and the value of the integrator of the project
  • Hear real case studies of a PV with batteries and how they overcame their challenges to maximize performance