During the last days of September and the first days of October, a  9.3kW/ 11.6 Kva Solar System has been installed at the F.J. Grante hospital laboratory in Greenville City, Sinoe County. The installation was done through GIZ/EnDev under the GIZ health project.

Biomedical technicians at the hospital will now be able to use all their equipment such as: Centrifuge, Microscope, Chemistry Analyzer, Bunsen burner, Baker, Buchner funnels. These tools needed for diagnoses have not been used for a long period of time due to electricity problems.

The 30 panels with 310Watt of add up to 9,300 watts or 9.3Kwp total watt peak of the solar system. When divided by the power factor of 0.8, this will equal 11,625-kilo volt per ampere or 11.6kva in generator size.

EnDev Senior installation technician Mr. Momo Torkson trained lab technicians, Biomedical supervisor,s and administrators in good use and maintenance of the solar system.

Dr. Alexander P: Tokpah, Medical Director at the Francis J Grant Memorial Hospital promised to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the system, and appreciated the GIZ/EnDev installation team for their efforts. He warned electricians to stop illegal connections in other parts of the hospital that will shorten the life of the system and promised to take drastic action against anyone caught in such an act.

Gerald and Victor, two students of the Stella Maris University electrical engineering department had worked and learned during the installation of the system. Both students had transported themselves to Greenville City, Sinoe County, Liberia to acquire knowledge in installing a bigger solar system. They appreciated Mr. Torkson and his team for the knowledge they obtained during the SMA system installation.