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Who we are
Mineke Foundation, founded by Tonia Dabwe, is a local NGO based in Dabwe Town, Gardnersville. We provide vocational livelihood & business training to people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them become economically independent, run the only functioning computer training lab in the Gardnersville-Barnersville-Johnsonville area, and organize social clubs for children, adolescents & women. We also work as a Service Provider in various counties across Liberia. Mineke Foundation is officially registered and accredited by the Ministry of Planning, and meets all reporting and financial obligations.

Where we work
Our office and training facility is in Gardnersville. Trainees at our facility currently hail from 15+ communities in Gardnersville, Barnesville and Johnsonville, though we also have trainees from Paynesville, Duala, and Harbel. Currently, about 60% of graduates from our programs start and maintain businesses. We are setting up a micro loan & business support facility to help them grow their businesses.

Our training facility in Gardnersville can accommodate up to 90 vocational students at a time, while our computer lab can facilitate up to 25 students simultaneously. We aim to train about 100 students per year at our Gardnersville facility, and 100+ per year through Service Provider contracts.

We have implemented projects for UNFPA and BRAC in Montserrado, Margibi, Bong, and Grand Cape Mount counties. We are eager to expand to other counties and to other locations.

Finally, we often receive requests from various communities situated farther away in Liberia, asking us to provide training. At this time, our funds are limited, so we are looking to work with partners to be able to answer these calls.

Our mission is to provide people with opportunities - through primary & secondary education, vocational, skills & business training, and social clubs for kids, youths and women – that will give them a better starting position in life. To gain a quality education, make smart choices, start businesses, generate income, and work together to become agents of change in their own lives, families and communities.

Our vision is a just and peaceful society where people positively impact their lives and future by actively shouldering responsibility for their choices and the consequences of those choices.

Philosophy and approach
We believe that people are capable of making choices that impact their present and their future. Choices entail consequences and responsibilities: we encourage people to take initiative and accept responsibility for their own lives. We believe that education and income generating activities are key to overcoming poverty and becoming economically independent. Women and girls have our main attention.




Mineke Foundation
Opposite Dry Rice Market, along Barnersville Road
Dabwe Town, Gardnersville


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