On Friday, October 1, 2021, Alphanson Gaykpawa and Jacob B. Kawala visited the office of the GIZ/Energising Development Programme. The two technicians are from a newly established private-sector group called 24/7 Power. Jacob B. Kawala head of the team said that their visit to the office was to get more details and understanding of what a technician told him. Abel J.W. Troyah from EnDev told them about the EnDev Collect application and the e-learning with GIZ/EnDev.

Mr. Kawala, also told Abel J.W. Troyah and Robert Menworleh the IT & Communication office of GIZ/EnDev that his team has an interest in using the EnDev collect app and will also encourage his teammate to be a part of the e-learning with GIZ/EnDev. He also said that his team will need more training on the EnDev collect app and will write GIZ/EnDev to conduct training for his technicians on Basic Solar Installation. According to Jacob, if EnDev can help provide such training, it will enhance his group to do a better solar installation in and around Liberia.

24/7 Technician along with GIZ/EnDev Staff

Mr. Menworleh told the two technicians the importance of using the EnDev collect application and the e-learning platform, he encouraged Alphanson and Jacob to take this into their hands as we move forward in the world of renewable energies. The ICT officer created an account for the two technicians for both platforms. Mr. Troyah told the technicians what makes it important to collect data using the EnDev collect application, he also told them that their work will be seen on the website with a map, and donates and others can see what they have done. He also told them that the e-learning platform will enhance their learning.

Alphanson Gaykpawa, a technician from 24/7 Power expressed his thanks and appreciation to GIZ/Energising Development Programme for such a great initiative, for Liberians and other countries that they are working with. Mr Gaykpawa, also assured that he will do more publicity about the good work of EnDev around the work. And their group will fully use the EnDev collect application and will also be a part of the e-learning classes.