WiRE Liberia, a group of female technicians in the renewable energy sector held four days of training to empower women in becoming productive in society, help reduce poverty and qualify them as solar technicians. The training ran from July 27–30, 2021 with two women's groups from the WiRE Liberia Bong and Nimba Chapters.

During the training the women received basic knowledge in small solar systems installation, Safety and Usage of Tools, Using the Digital Multi-meter, Measuring voltage and current, and computing power.   They received basic practical training to install the solar panels on the roof, assemble and connect the batteries, and connect charge controllers and inverters for solar systems ranging between 100 to 200 watts.

At the end of the training, the women's groups requested the German Cooperation Energizing Development (GIZ/EnDev) to conduct more training for them and to make available some tools and materials to strengthen their skills. They also expressed interest in EnDev’s Improved Cook Stoves and institutional stove which reduces the use of charcoal and wood.