The Rally Town hospital is in Grand Cess, Grand Kru County, Liberia. The laboratory received more than 100-150 patients on a daily average. Electricity has been one of the biggest challenged at the laboratory, most of the test that was to be conducted at the laboratory was transferred to Barclayville hospital, the capital of Grand Kru County.

The hospital has been faced with electricity problems for a long period of time. Big thanks to GIZ-health Project for a 5.9Kw Standard Victron Energy Solar system that has been installed at the laboratory to power all the equipment, with grid/generator input support, and connected for back-up during bad weather season.

The battery bank capacity is about 2,090Ah 24VDC (200,640Wh) according to Mr. Momo Torkson, senior installation technicians GIZ/EnDev. With the solar system, Lab technicians at the Rally Town hospital will be able to use the following equipment’s to carry on accurate testing:

The Incubator Dryer – it’s used to maintains optimal temperature and other conditions such as the Co2 and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside. The Microscope – is used in the laboratory to magnify the final details of a larger object in order to examine minute specimens’ that can’t be seen by naked eyes among others.

The system is a donation from GIZ-Health Project for post-ebola support in three counties in the Southeast for strengthening the laboratory with Solar power. It was commissioned and turn over by GIZ/EnDev team that did the installation and conducted training for, electricians, BMET, administrators, and other technical staff at the Rally Town hospital. GIZ/EnDev technical team did its best to ensure the system is installed to its highest quality according to manufacturer-recommended with all protection against lightning and hazards.