To reduce the problem of deforestation and to fight against the global outcry for climate change, GIZ/EnDev introduced the Red Fire Pot to the local coal pot producers in Liberia. The Red Fire Pot (RFP) is an improved cookstove that was introduced and promoted on the Liberia market by local coal pot/stove producers that were trained by GIZ/EnDev to produce and sell the product. Two different sizes have been designed for household cooking in Liberia, (the medium and the small).

The idea behind the technology used to produce the RFP is to reduce the charcoal/ fuel consumption by at most 40% as compared to the traditional round coal pot that is widely produced for household cooking in the country. This stove is being sold in some quarters in Montserrado, Nimba and Grand Gedeh and other counties by local retailers. The stove is being produced in a production workshop build in the Battery Factory Community, adjacent to the Donkan Gas Station on Somalia Drive.

The producer Mamadou Camara is the leading coal pot producer that is producing the RFP along with 3 producers that were trained by him in the production workshop in the Battery Factory Community; there are other producers in the Vai Town Bucket shop, Sherriff yard. After producing and supplying the market with the improved RFP for the period, Mamadou has just added a new design on the handle and the top surrounding/cylinder of the original design that he has previously been supplying the market with. The design added to the top cylinder is the angle/curve bind on the top Surrounding to make it stronger and guarantee; for the handle, he riveted the handles with nails which make it stronger than the previous design that the handles were just inserted into the cut space in the cylinder as you can see in the picture below. Note, the new design makes no difference, it is just an improvement on the design, it is the same Red Fire Pot.       

He has also improved on the metals used for the production, he is now using 1.5mm for the outer and top cylinder, and 2mm for the coal pot/ stove seat and the inner cylinder thus making the stove much more guarantee.

So, the stove producer Mamaduo says, buy the RFP and you will never regret it, it is the guarantee, fast cooking, reduce coal consumption, keep your kitchen clean and protect you from fire heat during cooking time. It is locally produced on the Somalia drive.

Please contact the producer on the following numbers: 0776905581/0777289369 for more info.