The construction of new cocoa dryers is playing a very important role in the cocoa sector in Liberia because it increases the value of the cocoa bean when it comes to quality. In this light, Atlantic Cocoa Incorporated, one of the biggest cocoas bean buying and exporting companies in Liberia has built one big cocoa tunnel dryer at its warehouse located in Careysburg lower Montserrado County.

This company buys semi or half-dry cocoa from the farmer and transport it at their Careysburg warehouse where they do the proper drying of the cocoa in the direct sunlight; which is labor-intensive. They must bring the cocoa out from the warehouse in the morning and put it on the Taplin and sundry it directly, and later collects it from the sun back into the warehouse. And if rain having to fall before evening hour, they collect the bean from the sun and repacked it into the warehouse.

So, because of this intensive work label at the warehouse and to upgrade the cocoa value, the company decided to build the first cocoa bean dryer at the warehouse. At this point, staff from EnDev was contacted to give technical support for the construction of the dryer since EnDev has been in the dryer construction and repair for long and that they had the technical know-how when it comes to cocoa bean dryer construction.

The dryer is one of the biggest warehouse dryers to be constructed so far in Liberia, the capacity of the dryer is at most one ton of bean at a drying period/time. There are about 19 drying tables build within the dryer (size 4ft x 8ft table size), and a walkway between the tables.