Energising Development is launching a new COVID-19 impact survey focusing on the off-grid industry, this time undertook as part of a bigger consortium, which EnDev is leading. The process is being organized on the GIZ-side (Philipp Waigel, myself), and we were able to build on the learning experience from RVO during the first survey-round.

The reasoning for this second survey: We would like to better understand how things are moving on the ground, what has changed (for better or worse), and come up with a more global picture of the COVID-19 impacts on the industry. This should enable us to advocate for a global and systemic response, which is still missing in the various international fora.

For this survey, we have engaged a broad coalition of international, associations, and networks – this will help us reach additional companies across the globe:

  • AMDA - Africa Minigrid Developers Association
  • ARE – Alliance for Rural Electrification 
  • Ashden 
  • CCA – Clean Cooking Alliance 
  • ESMAP – Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme
  • GDC – Global Distributors Collective 
  • Efficiency for Access Coalition Secretariat
  • GOGLA - Global association for the off-grid solar energy industry 
  • SEforAll - Sustainable Energy for All

The survey will again benefit tremendously from our close connection to the smaller private sector companies on the ground. The turnout of that last EnDev-survey was surprisingly high because our country teams were able to follow up with the companies in a direct dialogue and this strength of EnDev was recognized internationally by many stakeholders. I am repeating myself here, but it really was great work!

The back stoppers will also forward this information and follow up with the country project leads. Your support for the new survey is highly appreciated.

The survey is open until 17.07. It is available in different languages here (and on our website, endev.info):

You are highly welcome to participate.