On Tuesday, February 25, 2020, various stakeholders of the private and renewable energy (RE) sector in Liberia met for the Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia (IFREL), this month held at DKT International office in the Devin's House, Airfield Shortcut Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia.

During the meeting, the agenda item and discussion point were presented by Robert Menworleh and he also elaborated on information sharing that which have to do with job opportunity and project activities update for it to be published on the Renewables Liberia web portal.

Mr. Menworleh gives an overview of an important menu of the web portal explaining how it provides opportunities for individuals or interested groups in the renewable energy sector. He encouraged stakeholders to keep checking on the web portal for job opportunities and e-learning materials.

During the meeting, stakeholders were focusing on a few discussion points (topic) as below per group.


Topic: Imagine a digital Marketplace. How could that look like, what should be possible to benefit you and other stakeholders in the Sector?

On the above topic below were points highlighted:

  • Building and designing an interactive web portal
  • Sharing achievement on the web portal
  • The e-learning should have a search menu for opportunities
  • To make this process workable there should be training on the use of the web portal
  • The fast expansion of business Advertisement online if you have a digital marketplace
  • Companies in RE being able to share their commodities online among others.

Group 2:

Topic: Imagine getting things and E-learning opportunities on your smartphone. What would you wish to learn, and how? Think of all your training and learning experiences. What is important for you to stay motivated, learn, and benefit from what you have learned?

On the above topic below were points highlighted:

  • How to create a study community for renewable energy
  • Programs to help monitor Renewable Equipment
  • Want to know the technology and application of Renewable Energy
  • Access to clear information on Renewable Energy
  • Create training on renewable energy
  • Needs easy access to Apps to help the e-learning move smoothly
  • Experience Sharing among others
  • Awareness to RE was pointed out as very important

With regards to benefits, the group cited Empowerment, Experience, Application of Knowledge within Communities and Business Model.

Group 3:

Topic: What have been your experiences with EnDev Collect App (Renewables Web-Portal)? If you have used them. What did you like? What is Useful, what should be changed? Same with Web- Portal.

On the above topic below were points highlighted:

  • Convenient in collecting data and sharing information
  • Enables you to do monitoring of System within and not going out on the field
  • It serves as a data link for renewable energy stakeholders
  • Members of the group point out that they did not know about App and will have an interest in having the App for data collection.

About the web portal, the group pointed out that it is very useful because it shares information and about renewable happening within the country and make it easy to have access to a renewable energy job opportunity.

During the meeting, Christiana T. Wayon a representative from Top Consulting, Inc, said that the Renewables Liberia web portal is important because it has stakeholder’s information in the renewable energy (RE) sector in Liberia. She told other stakeholders that awareness of climate change should be the next target because it affects our health and RE is the way forward.

Mr. Joshua G. Kangar of Easy Solar Liberia told stakeholders that Easy Solar is now in Liberia and in search of potential people to work for the institution and they installed over 300 solar home systems in Liberia, working to install more as they anticipate new staff on board. Mr. Joshua said using the app is key because he as a Finance Manager of his institution can set in his office and know how many dollars had been collected in the field. He said he was impressed to see young students that are studying electricity and electronics that have to do with energy within the meeting and encouraged participants of the IFREL to create a space for these students to carry out practical as they go about their study. Mr. Kangar also said it is very important to have e-learning that will empower students and other professionals to enhance study in the renewable energy field.

Lily Saab a representative from the Liberia Solar and Satellite Service Provider said that her institution in December of last year graduated students in the installation and maintenance of solar, satellite, and CCT camera. She added that the institute is working with other organizations to create internships for their graduates.

Are Obasemue from the Archant Assistant group elaborated that e-learning is one of the greatest approaches for renewable energy to be preached and there should be a system set up to capture the thief on renewable energy systems in Liberia?

Mr. Johnson Nanlee of the Ministry of Mines and Energy spoke on the validation documents of a financing opportunity of Businesses in the Renewable Energy Sector. He said that he will send out the documents to RE stakeholders to make necessary comments before sending it out. According to Mr. Nanlee, he said that Liberia is lacking behind because stakeholders do not respond to documents quickly, he also encouraged attendees of the meeting to send their feedback.

In conclusion, stakeholders of the meeting that was held at the DKT international office in Monrovia are impressing to have a digital marketplace where they can learn about different types of renewable energy. The stakeholders pledged to support the digital marketplace with information. They are concerned about training people about e-learning and impress to have the EnDev collect App as a tool to collect data which is easy and will continue to support the renewable energy sector through the IFREL meeting.