Improved cook stoves reduce the problem of deforestation in Liberia, help prevent health problems due to cooking smoke and enable people to save money by needing less charcoal, cooking faster and producing less smoke. Some improed cook stoves are imported, others are produced in Liberia. GIZ/EnDev promotes improved cook stoves and has supported the construction of a production and training workshop for the local Liberian improved cook stove, the Red Fire Pot (RFP)

This new workshop is on the Somalia Drive, Battery Factory Community. The construction has been headed by RFP producer Mamadou Camara. This workshop will host all interested RFP producers who want to produce improved cook stoves, and it will also be used for trainings how to produce the Red Fire Potin Liberia.

The Energising Development (GIZ/EnDev) Project has also collaborated with SJEDI Green Energy to give marketing support by creating awareness and supporting outreaches in ten different locations in both rural and urban settlements. SJEDI Green Energy has imported a container of improved Econocar charcoal stoves to be sold in Liberia for an affordable price.