The Apostolic Faith Church is the first religion organization to host the Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia (IFREL) monthly meeting. The meeting was held at the Church compound located in Gaye town Old Zoo, Old Road.

At the meeting, the host representative Mr.  J. Yohyah N. Salwah welcome all renewable energy stakeholders within Liberia to the 13th IFREL meeting, during his speech, he asked GIZ/EnDev to organize a training for members of his organization and other religious institutions within Renewable Energy, this will help in keeping Renewable Energy across Liberia.

The host also said, “as Renewable Energy Stakeholders to know our progress within Liberia, we need to host a year-end conference with other countries like Guinea and Sierra Leone to share views of Renewable Energy happenings within neighbor Countries”.

Mrs. Felecia B. Jugbe, a Field Officer, appreciated all Renewable Energy stakeholders that left their busy schedule to attend the We Care Solar Conference, which was held on the 18th of June 2019, at the Paynesville City Hall. According to the We Care Solar Field Officer in Liberia, GIZ/EnDev was the only implementing partner for the We Care Solar “Light Every Birth” initiative project in Liberia.Mr. Peter F. Koffah explained to stakeholder about his new renewable energy technology at his company. Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is a multilateral public private partnership initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It identifies and nurtures promising, innovative, clean and renewable projects within its project implementing countries and Liberia is no exception. Mr. Wilson Idahor, Country Director - PFAN said that his institution is interested in working with project developers and he clearly emphasized that these projects should be Climate Change or Renewable Energy related. The funding that is to be offered to projects/businesses is not a grant, but an investment.

Mr. Peter F. Koffah who represented the Liberian Youth in Agriculture and Energy Development, told stakeholders at the meeting that his “institution is involved in the production of Eco-Stoves and bio-digester systems that produces gas for cooking. He added that his noble institution is also working on a plastic distillation within Liberia.  He promised to bring with him some of his products at the next IFREL meeting that is to be hosted by PFAN.

A newly established renewable energy company in Liberia called Easy Solar has been working in neighboring Sierra Leone for the past 3 (three) years and has sold over 30,000 solar products in Sierra Leone. Currently their solar products are integrated and equipped with the Pay As You Go (PayGo) system which allows customers to pay for the solar lighting systems over a certain period of time as may be called in the Liberian setting as “sell-pay”.  According to the Sales and Operations Director Mr. Eric Silverman “his company is in search of Sale Agents and Office Staffs” to work in Liberia.

GIZ/EnDev, a renewable energy organization supporting renewable energy activities in Liberia, is working on the reduction of CO2 have thought it wise to help in the area of mobility change. In this light, an intern Lotze Wilhlem told attendees at the 13th IFREL meeting that they are working on the introduction of an electric kekeh in Liberia this year.