The renewable energy stakeholders from various institutions on Tuesday the 30th, of   April 2019, met at the Ministry of Health, R.L. to discuss activities concerting renewable energy in the country. The 10th meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Health.

During the opening of the meeting GIZ/EnDev welcome participants and give clues of the meeting, followed by self-introduction and the objectives were read by an Intern.

At the meeting, Mr. Momo Trokson Senior Installation Technician at GIZ/EnDev informed the integrated forum about 15 female technicians that were trained by GIZ/EnDev from the private sectors of renewable energy in Liberia. He added that the training came about the “Light Every Birth” campaign project with We Care Solar.

Mr. Royston Gbelia founder of SDIJI Energy told his colleagues at the meeting that his entity is out of improved cook stove and expecting a forty feet container with Solar Home Systems and improved cook stoves by May 2019.

Mr. Jenkins S. Flahwoh National Program Officer at the Sweden embassy Liberia, informed the Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia about the AECF 6.5 million program that is ongoing for five years and it is intended to give support to renewable energy companies in Liberia.

Mr. Flahwoh added that a new project named "Behind the Grid Fund" was signed with a funding cost of 10 million. The project will support international renewable energy organizations and the project is expected to be launched this year June or July.

Akaii Lineberger, coordinator of West Africa Renewable Energy Biomass Ltd, give an update on a USAID mini- grid installation that is ongoing in Lofa County.

Miss Decontee Sartpe, from the Ministry of Public Works, R.L told stakeholders at the meeting that the Ministry is very happy to be part of the Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia and it will continue to support the Renewable Energy sector of Liberia.

At the meeting, we welcome on board our new members from Ridge Engineers Inc. Ridge Engineers is a Liberian own company involved in the installation of renewable energy, road maintenance and training of university students in their area of operation.=

Currently in Liberia, We Care Solar (WCS) is one of the largest health solar providers for government facilities since 2012 to present; they have installed more than 350 plus solar suitcases in Liberia. At present, WCS is on an assessment for private health facilities to benefit from the suitcase and research on the impact of their solar suitcases of health facilities in Liberia. WCS in collaboration with GIZ/EnDev trained female installers from various renewable institutions in Liberia is working on the completion stage of the last batch of suitcase installations in Lofa County.

Stakeholders at the meeting are planning to celebrate a National Green Energy day in Liberia. In conclusion, the field officer from We Care Solar Liberia pledge to host the 11th Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia meeting on the 28th of May 2019, and the venue to be shared later.