The renewable energy stakeholders from various institutions on Tuesday the 26th of March 2019, met at the Ministry of Health to discuss activities concerning renewable energies in the country.

The 9th Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia monthly (IFREL) meeting was hosted by the Family and Reproductive Health Division at the Ministry located in Congo Town.

During the opening of the meeting an Intern from GIZ/EnDev, Robert Menworleh, welcomed participants and informed the audience about the purpose of the meeting and then followed by self-introduction of participants with a shot activities report in terms of renewable energy. Mrs. Bentoe Zoogley Tehoungue, Director of the Family and Reproductive Health Division at the Ministry of Health, said she is happy because renewable energy (Solar energy) is helping health facilities within the rural areas.She also said that out of 600 health facilities she is working with, 373 are now benefiting from renewable energy, which constituted  62.1% of the 600 health facilities.

Mrs. Tehoungue said the solar is being used in the maternal child ward for safe deliveries at night, she added that “Light Every Birth” through the We Care Solar with the help from the GIZ - EnDev installation team, thirteen (13) out of the fifteen (15) counties public health facilities are now beneficiaries of solar energy. She also recommended that people be trained at various Solar installation site that will be able to repair the broken systems within those facilities. Mrs. Tehoungue told renewable energy stakeholder at the 9th Integrated Forum for Renewable Energy in Liberia that the Ministry of Health will host the 10th IFREL meeting the last Tuesday in April 2019 at the same venue.

Mr. Ian Jaeger from the Renova Energy Corporation a Canadian renewable energy company announced that they have just opened a division in Liberia. Mr. Jaeger said his company wants to provide the Liberian renewable energy market with products that will help increase access to electricity; according to him, this country is one of the least in terms of electricity accessibility.

He also told stakeholder about products his company is bringing into Liberia (solar drilling machines, solar water pump, solar freezers, solar air conditioners and other solar products). His company is also involved in providing power by windmill power and hydro. Mr. Ian Jaeger said his company is building a 10KW system in Liberia at the Eco Lodge in Grand Bassa. He elaborated that his company is in collaboration with dealers of solar energy products in Liberia.

Mr. Konah G. Gbean from the Human Development Foundation, said people within the rural areas are now using solar light instead of candles or battery lights. With the help of the GIZ agriculture solar dryers in the rural area, farmers are now drying their coco and cassava leaves to prevent harvest loss. Mr. Konah G. Gbean added that they are working with farmers and selling solar lights. He also said that sold solar lights are making impacts on the lives of children for the purpose of night study. Those inferior solar lights or battery-lights sold on the Liberian markets are very fragile and needs to be replaced shortly after purchase but solar lights certified by Lighting Global are very much durable.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Stephen A. Mulbah, Administrator at GIZ/EnDev encouraged all renewable energy stakeholders to use the web portal ( and the Facebook page (Renewables Liberia). This is because there are lots to be seen and offer by those two platforms, you will have the opportunity to see a new jobs post, events and conferences, news, grants and activities surrounding the renewable market.  It is also important that you're all taking ownership of these platforms as GIZ/EnDev may not be here forever.

He also said that GIZ-EnDev is here to create and support the market through trainings and workshops, consultancy and coaching and collaborations. We also encourage females to be more active in solar installations across Liberia. Currently the will be a training only for female technicians planned to take place during first week in April 2019 on how to install a solar suitcase from the Light Every Birth program through the Ministry of Health by the We Care Solar and with support from GIZ/EnDev.